Friday, July 29, 2011


So yesterday and today so far I have been packing everything in sight! We are SOOO excited to get out of Thatcher and to Flagstaff, where in just a few months we will freezing our butts off! haha
I am still doing well on my goals! I am feeling less stressed and letting myself relax. Yesterday I even watched a chick flick and did not even feel guilty about it! Today Alan and I are going to the temple with two of our new friends and I am so excited!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day by day

Today how I have done so far on my goals:

Listened to Christmas music while packing and thinking of how fun Flagstaff will be! =)
I am grateful for the ability to conceive. So many women today have trouble getting pregnant, two of my sisters included. At first I felt so guilty that I could get pregnant so quickly when so many around me have trouble. But now am just grateful that I get the chance to carry one of Heavenly Father's children and help them to gain a body and learn how to use it for good. I feel so honored to be joining in the realm of motherhood with so many other wonderful women. It gives me hope for others that have not yet had that chance.

New Journal

Since I'm not much of a blogger...I've decided to turn this thing into my journal; because I type much faster than I write.
WARNING: If you are reading this blog is merely for writing my thoughts and is not to entertain.

The past couple of days have been so rough! I am feeling pain EVERYWHERE. Back, neck, head, side, hips, breasts, name it! I have a constant headache that never goes away. No amount of sleep or Tylenol will cure me. I keep finding myself in a constant state of panic and cannot control myself from stressing out. BUT THIS MUST END! I am no longer dwelling on pain, anxiety, or stress.
I have realized that Alan and I have not been to the temple in two weeks; this will change tomorrow. I have also, thanks to my genius husband, recognized that I no longer indulge in my favorite hobby: Music. Sure I am subject to the daily radio junk, but I don't sing as much or listen to good music! I am failing to say prayers in the mornings and forget to read as much as I should. The list could go on about what I am doing wrong. But I am done with dwelling on stressful pressures of life that are only temporary matters. I am starting over!
My new goals:
1. Go to the temple every week
2. Give myself alone time every day, and not feel guilty about it
3. Listen to at least two GOOD songs each day
4. Sing in the shower EVERY day
5. Cook dinner each night to show alan how much he means to me and to help relieve stress
6. Pray before bed and when I get out of bed sincerely (give myself enough time)
7. Wake up early enough to study my scriptures each morning so I can ponder them throughout the day.
8. Write down what I am thankful for
9. Spend five mins. every day thinking of only things that make me happy
10. Laugh at stupid things and smile more.
11. Drink a gallon of water a day
12. Don't forget my vitamins or to brush my teeth
13. Eat how I would want my children to eat
14. Make a CD of Alan and I talking to baby and play it to my tummy

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bon appetit!

As I mentioned earlier, I am a cook-in-the-making!
I have begun teaching myself the art of preparing food =)
It is so fun and fulfilling (haha)! It helps me relieve my stress and feel accomplished.

I just came upon a new cook book from my friend Blanca. It's called Four Ingredients. I just love it because it gives you really good recipes that look good and taste awesome that only require 4 ingredients! Amazing! And it's not like PB & J or a cheese crisp ;).

My favorite recipe is the one for Friday night (March 4th).
Curry Potato Soup
(and a coinciding recipe for a shrimp appetizer)

This recipe is special because it mixes Alan's favorite dishes! He just loves curry and even more SHRIMP! So I'm fixing it for our 2 month anniversary =)

I have also learned new tricks from my friend Blanca who is teaching me to cook. She had many years experience of being married and has taught me how to hide ingredients from our husbands in dinner! Brilliant!

you may ask..."Why is this brilliant?"

You see...Alan hates cilantro (my favorite). However, I learned that cooking cilantro makes the taste cook down so he cannot taste it so strong. So I got some! I'll let you know how it goes! ;)

Quotes from Daddy

So I was on the phone with my daddy...talkin about life and he shared more of his wise perspective with me.

"Marriage is an ocean of emotions mixed in with a sea of expenses"

Ha ha!! He is also the author of my blog name (All the Worlds's a ....)

More to come!

Side note: My mother just had her Gal Bladder removed and no one even told me! Slightly frustrating...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

NAU it is!

Well we didn't get into BYU, so I guess it makes our choice easier haha!
However, I am somewhat relieved because Flagstaff is MUCH closer to both our families than Provo!! And secondly, I have two neat job opportunities in Flagstaff =).

Alan's music audition is a week from today. This will determine whether he gets into their music program AND if he gets a music scholarship! He is working hard and we have high hopes. So keep us in your prayers!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our 2 day detour

Driving home from Phoenix last month, Alan and I were happily coasting back to Thatcher. I, of course, was sleeping on his shoulder when I felt the car start slowly winding down. Alan's face told me all I needed to know. We then pulled off to the side of the road (our only option) at 11p.m. on the Bylas Indian Reservation! AH!...that is what I was thinking. So we locked the doors and prayed for some kind of miracle that would save us from the Indian res. that late at night with a broken down truck.

Alan turned the car back on, and in fact we did witness a miracle! Although the car was not working, we had just enough momentum to coast into a Bashas' parking lot where we could ask for some help! ..much better than being stuck on the side of the road!

We got towed back to Globe (the cheapest option) which was only a few miles away. We did not have any friends, relatives, or even acquaintances there so we stayed the night in a hotel and hoped for the best in the morning.

We spent the next day walking from auto part shops back to the hotel in effort to repair the truck. However, no matter what we (Alan) did the truck would not fix.

I felt so hopeless! We had spent so much time and effort and nothing would get even close! Plus we were both so stressed about getting back for school.

Helpless, and with no other ideas, we realized that it was time to pray again and again. I remembered something my dad has always repeated: "sometimes you have to bug Heavenly Father and get after Him so He will see you really want it." So we did=).

Another miracle...or several occurred! Alan called his band teacher to tell him he would not be in class. Instead of being frustrated, his band teacher/distant cousin offered all the help he could! He apparently had many friends in Globe and immediately called for their help.

By the time we knew it we had a mechanic diagnose our truck and offer to fix it for a more than reasonable price, a man and his wife offer to make us dinner, shelter us, and then offer us their car until ours would be repaired! We could not believe that these people who did not even know us would offer such help to us!

It is amazing how the Lord works in mysterious ways. These people were not Mormons, but truly know what it means to be a Christian. My testimony of service and lifting others burdens has been strengthened. I have also learned that no matter where you are, the Lord is there to help if we just ask.
And lastly, I have learned the importance of paying full and honest tithe and a generous fast offering. I am so grateful that we were doing so at the time so we could receive those blessings.

I am also thankful for my wonderful husband who lead us to help and who tried his best to fix our truck. He is the love of my life=).